I think about adding the following RFE to illumos bugtracker:
  add an option/attribute to import ZFS pool without
  automounting/sharing ZFS datasets

I wonder if something like this (like a tricky workaround)
is already in place?

My rationale is the currently ongoing repairs and inspections
of my pool, which often require reboots and lengthy imports
of the pool in order to start/continue scrubbing. During this
time I don't benefit from automounting nor sharing the datasets,
it only adds some 3+minute delays for the import.

Actually, since the pool is in an uncertain state, inadvertent
writes into its datasets *might* potentially be harmful and
would best be avoided.

I currently do this by "zpool import pool; zfs umount -a"
However, skipping "zpool mount" step in the first place would
suit me better and faster ;)


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