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Jim and LaoTsao,

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

"zdb" might be good enough to get zpoll name or id from any disk in
zool. CU will try it this afternoon.

As of second situation - one host is AIX and the second disk is Solaris,
CU wonders if "zdb" will show anything.

I will also post questions to Oracle internal zfs alias to see if they
have any input.

What happens if diskis assigned to a AIX box and is setup as part of a
Volume manager on AIX and we try to create 'zpool' on Solaris host. Will
ZFS catch this, by saying something wrong with the disk?

I think you'd be relatively lucky if Solaris and AIX use
compatible disk partitioning schemes - even top-level
ones like GPT/MBR for partitioning and EFI/SMI for further
labelling of "slices".

While it is likely that most systems use (and understand)
the same set of partitioning layouts, internals like
slice labelling (if any) are usually OS-centric, and
most large-vendor OSes (unlike opensource OSes or FS
driver projects) don't understand competitiors' labels
and FSes.

ZFS and related Solaris tools (format) do warn you about
disk usages that Solaris understands and tracks, i.e.
that a device (disk, slice) is actively busy or passively
formatted with ZFS, UFS, SVM, swap, etc. Maybe also it
will also report VxFS and pcfs = FAT? That's probably
it. I would be surprised if it "found" any other FSes,
be it AIX, or NTFS, or ext3/ext4/xfs/reiserfs, or
whatever else out there is popular.

Good luck, and let us know if your practice proves my
generic rant wrong! ;)
//Jim Klimov
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