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> Perhaps I need to specify some usecases more clearly:

Actually, I'm not sure you do need to specify usecases more clearly -
Because the idea is obviously awesome.  The main problem, if you're
interested, is getting attention.  Maybe it's more work than I know, but I
agree with you, at first blush it doesn't sound like much work.  

I think the most compelling use case you mentioned was ability to resume
interrupted zfs send.

It's one of those things where it's not super-super useful (most people are
content with whatever snapshot and zfs send scheme they already have today)
but if it's not much work, then maybe it's worth while anyway.  

But there's a finite amount of development resource.  And other features
that are in higher demand (such as BP rewrite, etc).  Why would oracle or
nexenta care about devoting the effort?  Maybe it's possible, maybe there
just isn't enough motivation...

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