I've been watching the heat control issue carefully since I had to take a
job offshore (cough reverse H1B cough) in a place without adequate AC and I
was able to get them to ship my servers and some other gear. Then I read
Intel is guaranteeing their servers will work up to 100 degrees F ambient
temps in the pricing wars to sell servers, he who goes green and saves data
center cooling budget will win big since now everyone realizes AC costs more
than hardware for server farms. And this is not on new special heat-tolerant
gear, I heard they will put this in writing even for their older units. From
that I would conclude at least commercial server gear can take a lot more
abuse than it gets and still not be affected enough to make components fail
because if they did, Intel could not afford to make this guarantee. YMMV of
course. I still feel nervous running equipment in this kind of environment
but after 3 years of doing that including commodity desktops I haven't seen
any abnormal failures.
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