Hello James!

On 1 feb 2012, at 02:43, James C. McPherson wrote:

> The supported way to enable MPxIO is to run
> # /usr/sbin/stmsboot -e
> You shouldn't need to do this for mpt_sas HBAs such as
> your 9205 controllers; we enable MPxIO by default on them.
> If you _do_ edit scsi_vhci.conf, you need to utter
> # /usr/sbin/stmsboot -u
> in order for those changes to be correctly propagated.
> You can (and should) read about this in the stmsboot(1m) manpage,
> and there's more information available in my blog post
> http://blogs.oracle.com/jmcp/entry/on_stmsboot_1m

Thanks for the info!

I have read the man page a few times, and I actually did read your blog
post too when I started with this and just googled around like crazy.

I still don't really get what stmsboot -u actually does (and if - and if
so how much - this differs between x86 and sparc).
Would it be impolite to ask you to elaborate on this a little?


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