On Wed, 1 Feb 2012, Jan Hellevik wrote:
The disk in question is c6t70d0 - it shows consistently higher %b and asvc_t
than the other disks in the pool. The output is from a 'zfs receive' after 
about 3 hours.
The two c5dx disks are the 'rpool' mirror, the others belong to the 'backup' 

Are all of the disks the same make and model? What type of chassis are the disks mounted in? Is it possible that the environment that this disk experiences is somehow different than the others (e.g. due to vibration)?

Should I be worried? And what other commands can I use to investigate further?

It is difficult to say if you should be worried.

Be sure to do 'iostat -xe' to see if there are any accumulating errors related to the disk.

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