> I have a file that I can't delete, change permissions or owner.  ls -v does
> not show any acl's on the file not even those for normal unix rw etc.
> permissions from ls -l show -rwx------ chmod gived an error of not owner for
> the owner !! and for root just says can't change or not owner depending on
> the mode i am trying to set.

In addition to Richard's suggestion, a couple things come to mind:

(1) Ability to delete a file (or rename it) depends on the permissions
    of the directory which contains it, not on the file itself.

(2) If you're doing the delete/chown on an NFS client, ownerships could
    be different than expected if UID mapping is broken (NFSv4 with a
    mismatched domain), or if remote root is being mapped to "nobody"
    on the NFS server.  Similar issues could happen for a CIFS client.



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