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GRUB2 has support
for encrypted ZFS file systems already.

I assume this requires a pre-boot password, right?  Then I have two

The ZFS encryption support in GRUB2 was written by the main GRUB2 developer and doesn't use any Solaris ZFS encryption code. The GRUB2 code has support for interactive prompting for the passphrase or for reading the passphrase or raw wrapping key from a file in some other filesystem that GRUB2 can see.

Solaris 11 doesn't have GRUB2 at this time it uses GRUB 0.97 which does not have encryption support. You can't put the two parts together because the Solaris 11 kernel doesn't know how to mount an encrypted root filesystem even though GRUB2 could have loaded the kernel and boot_archive from one if you managed to craft together a GRUB2 and Solaris 11 system on your own.

I noticed in solaris 11, when you "init 6" it doesn't reboot the way other
OSes reboot.

What you are seeing is "Fast Reboot" where on x86 we completely avoid the trip back through the BIOS and the boot loader it just loads and rexecute the kernel directly. The situation on SPARC is similar but not identical.

> So maybe "init 6" will not need you to type in a password
again?  Maybe you just need a passsword one time when you power on?

Solaris 11 doesn't have support for encrypted root at all at this time. Doesn't mater if Fast Reboot is in use or not.

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