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2011-08-23.23:48:35 zfs set

That should have failed because the keysource property is inherited from slice_2/base. So you have found a bug and I can reproduce it.

The reason that should have failed is the source of where the keysource comes from is used to determine which dataset to look at for the hidden salt property. We know what that salt property should actually be in your case because it is set on slice_2/base.

Unfortunately 'zfs set salt' won't work because salt is read-only from userland (so it doesn't accidentally get overridden and cause the very same symptoms you have!).

In theory you would assume that you could go back to having the keysource inherited by running:
 'zfs inherit keysource slice_2/base/bitsavers'

However that won't work because of a protection we have in place to again avoid yet another route into these same symptoms. It will fail with an error message something like this:

cannot inherit keysource for 'slice_2/base/bitsavers': use 'zfs key -c -o keysource=...'

Using a hacked up libzfs that removes the check that 'zfs inherit' does so I can get out of the situation and make the datasets accessible again. So this is fixable so don't abandon hope yet.

Darren J Moffat
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