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> I am about to acquire some disks for use with ZFS (currently using
> v0.7.0). I'm aware of some 4k alignment issues with Western Digital
> format disks.
> As far as I can tell, the HitachiĀ Deskstar 7K3000 (HDS723030ALA640) uses
> sectors and so I presume does not suffer from such issues (because it
> doesn't lie about the physical layout of sectors on-platter)

I think what you mean to ask is "Is the HD7K3000 a piece of junk?"  Because
any disk which is lying about its physical sectors is a piece of junk,
regardless of what filesystem is going to be on it.

This isn't a ZFS question.  (Nothing wrong with asking - I'm not trying to
discourage having the discussion, but please don't associate such problems
with ZFS as if ZFS is unique in that way.)

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