Since recently, my troublesome home NAS is running a privately
built illumos-gate as fetched from source in mid-February.
I tried to incorporate some fixes (i.e. succesfully eluding
the kernel panic due to duplicate DDT entries and NULL pointer
dereferences as discussed in the list).

I noted today that the "/sbin/zfs" command refuses to destroy
snapshots, instantly exiting with error-code "1". It does
destroy filesystems (recursively with the said snapshots).
I did not look deeper into the problem, since I did not change
anything in the "zfs" command sources, and rebuilding the gate
on my build VM takes a few days. I did check that the /sbin/zfs
binary from original oi_151a works as expected with the same
kernel/libs that I've built. Tested on two different pools.

Just my 2c about a possible regresion in the bleeding-edge code.
Posting a bug to tracker as well...

//Jim Klimov

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