Hello, while browsing around today I stumbled across
"Seagate Pipeline HD" HDDs lineup (i.e. ST2000VM002).
Did any ZFS users have any experience with them?

Marketing talk poses them nicely for home-NASes:
  "Cool. Quiet. Low Power.
  Pipeline HD hard drives are designed to deliver
  reliable 24*7 operation – optimized for low–power
  consumption, quiet operation and smooth video
  24*7 operational profile to meet the always–on
  demands on the DVR market"

They seem relatively consrvatively spec'ed for today -
SATA 3Gb/s, ranged from 250Gb to 2Tb, 5900RPM, caches
8MB or 64MB, 12-13ms seek times, but they can operate
in environments up to 75 degC and with AFR of 0.55%,
and seemingly have small sectors.

Apparently there's a newer lineup "SV35 Series" with
a higher AFR (about 0.80%), but faster (7200RPM, SATA
6Gb/s, 8.5ms-9.5ms seek times) and larger (1-3Tb).
Possibly also small sectors ("Guaranteed Sectors
5,860,533,168" for the 3Tb model ST3000VX000).

Do any home-NAS or enterprise (surveillance?) users
on the list have experience with such drives? Would
they be good or bad for a home-NAS of about 8+ disks
in raidz3?

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