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> I have offlined the cache device, which happened immediately, but both
> offline/remove of the slog hangs and makes the box unusable.

If the system hangs when you try to remove the slog device, that must
presumably mean you're required to power cycle.  So I assume rebooting is an

I don't recommend yanking the slog during the power cycle - because that's
the only situation where the slog may actually contain useful information.
But if you conduct a graceful reboot (init 6 or init 0) then you can yank
the slog device during the moments when the OS is down.  When the system
comes back up, either that pool will be missing (missing device) or it will
come up without the slog, and you should be able to proceed from there.

Incidentally, you could do the same thing with simply zpool export, provided
that you're able to zpool export.  But since you said you have NFS running,
I assume you have services running which are using that pool, and it's
probably not the easiest thing to zpool export.

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