2012-03-21 16:41, Paul Kraus wrote:
     I have been running ZFS in a mission critical application since
zpool version 10 and have not seen any issues with some of the vdevs
in a zpool full while others are virtually empty. We have been running
commercial Solaris 10 releases. The configuration was that each

Thanks for sharing some real-life data from larger deployments,
as you often did. That's something I don't often have access
to nowadays, with a liberty to tell :)

Nice to hear about lack of degradations in this scenario you
have, and it was one proposed a few years back on Sun Forums
I believe. Perhaps the problems come if you similarly expand
raidz-based arrays by adding TLVDEVs, or with OpenSolaris's
experimental features?.. I don't know, really :)


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