What the best practices for choosing ZFS volume volblocksize setting for VMware VMFS-5?
VMFS-5 block size is 1Mb. Not sure how it corresponds with ZFS.

Setup details follow:
- 11 pairs of mirrors;
- 600Gb 15k SAS disks;
- SSDs for L2ARC and ZIL
- COMSTAR FC target;
- about 30 virtual machines, mostly Windows (so underlying file systems is NTFS with 4k block)
- 3 ESXi hosts.

Also, i will glad to hear volume layout suggestions.
I see several options:
- one big zvol with size equal size of the pool;
- one big zvol with size of the pool-20% (to avoid fragmentation);
- several zvols (size?).

Thanks for attention.

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