a...@blackandcode.com said:
> I'm spec'ing out a Thumper-esque solution and having trouble finding my
> favorite Hitachi Ultrastar 2TB drives at a reasonable post-flood price. The
> Seagate Constellations seem pretty reasonable given the market circumstances
> but I don't have any experience with them. Anybody using these in their ZFS
> systems and have you had good luck?  

We have a lot of 2TB and 3TB Seagates here, they work fine.  Most of
ours are the Nearline-SAS variety, in Dell MD1200 enclosures, used on
Windows & Linux behind PERC H800 RAID cards, and on Solaris-10 and
OpenIndiana behind LSI SAS HBA's.  We do have one new server with a
pile of 2TB SATA Seagate's as well, so far working fine.

The only caveat I've found is that the Nearline SAS Seagates go really
slow with the Solaris default multipath load-balancing setting
(round-robin).  Set it to "none" or some large block value and they go
fast.  This issue doesn't appear when used with the PERC H800's.



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