On 04/12/12 09:00 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:
2012-04-11 23:55, Ian Collins wrote:
Odd. The pool is a single iSCSI volume exported from a 7320 and there is
18TB free.
Lame question: is that 18Tb free on the pool inside the
iSCSI volume, or on the backing pool on 7320?

I mean that as far as the "external" pool is concerned,
the zvol's blocks are allocated - even if the "internal"
pool considers them deleted but did not zero them out
and/or TRIM them explicitly.

Thus there may be lags due to fragmentation on the backing
"external" pool (physical on 7320), especially if it is
not very free and/or ifs free space is already too heavily
fragmented into many small "bubbles".

I'll check, but I see the same effect with local replications as well.


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