2012-04-18 18:54, Cindy Swearingen wrote:
Hmmm, how come they have encryption and we don't?
As in Solaris releases, or some other "we"?

With all due respect, I did not mean to start a flame war, so
I'll frantically try to stomp out the sparks ;)

Still, this is a "zfs" "discuss" list at "open""solaris"."org"
It is here to discuss ZFS, a technology available in a number
of operating systems, as you do know too well, including open
systems as the domain name implies.

Since all of these use ZFS code based on the one that the
"opensolaris.org" project provided at some time, and most
of other systems (including Solaris 10 AFAIK) got stuck at
ZFSv28 or older, the generic "we" at the *open*-solaris
derivate systems don't have some features that Oracle
completed in its own fork into closed proprietary code ;)

In the beginning it was my wishful thinking that encryption
code and maybe some other newbies got legally leaked into
Linux, and if they were there, then they might be legally
included into other ZFS source code projects.

I hope this subject is closed for now ;( without personal
gripes ;)

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