Hello, I have looked around this mailing list and other virtual spaces and
I wasn't able to find a similar situation than this weird one.

I have a 6 disks raidz zfs15 pool. After a scrub, the status of the pool
and all disks still show up as "ONLINE" but two of the disks are starting
to give me errors and I do have fatal data corruption. The disks seems to
be failing differently :

disk 2 has 78 (not growing) read errors, 43k (growing) write errors and 3
(not growing) checksum errors.

disk 5 has 0 read errors, 0 write errors but 7.4k checksum errors (growing).

Data corruption is around 22k files.

I plan to replace both disks. Which disk do you think should be replaced
first to loose as few data as possible ?

I was thinking of replacing disk 5 first as it seems to have a lot of
"silent" data corruption so maybe it's a bad idea to use it's output to
replace disk 2. Also checksum and read errors on disk 2 do not seem to be
growing as I used the pool to backup data (corrupted files could not be
accessed, but a lot of files were fine) but write errors are growing
extremely fast. So reading uncorrupted data from disk 2 seems to be working
but writing on it seems to be problematic.

Do you guys also think I should change disk 5 first or am I missing
something ?

I'm not an expert with zfs so any insight to help me replace those disks
without loosing too much data would be much appreciated :)


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