2:20pm, Richard Elling wrote:

On Apr 25, 2012, at 12:04 PM, Paul Archer wrote:

            Interesting, something more complex than NFS to avoid the 
complexities of NFS? ;-)

      We have data coming in on multiple nodes (with local storage) that is 
needed on other multiple nodes. The only way
      to do that with NFS would be with a matrix of cross mounts that would be 
truly scary.

Ignoring lame NFS clients, how is that architecture different than what you 
would have 
with any other distributed file system? If all nodes share data to all other 
nodes, then...?
 -- richard

Simple. With a distributed FS, all nodes mount from a single DFS. With NFS, each node would have to mount from each other node. With 16 nodes, that's what, 240 mounts? Not to mention your data is in 16 different mounts/directory structures, instead of being in a unified filespace.
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