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> If Oracle is only willing to share (public) information about the
> roadmap for products via official sales channels then there will be
> lots of FUD in the market. Now, as to sharing futures and NDA
> material, that _should_ only be available via direct Oracle channels
> (as it was under Sun as well).

Sun was tight lipped too, yes, but information leaked through the open
or semi-open software development practices in Solaris.  If you saw
some feature pushed to some gate you had no guarantee that it would
remain there or be supported, but you had a pretty good inkling as to
whether the engineers working on it intended it to remain there.

If you can't get something out of your rep, you might try reading the
tea leaves (sketchy business).  But ultimately you need to be prepared
for any product's EOL.  You can expect some amount of warning time
about EOLs, but legacy has a way of sticking around, so write plan for
how to migrate data and where to, then put the plan in a drawer
somewhere (and update it as necessary).

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