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On a Solaris 11 (SR3) system I have a zfs destroy process what appears
to be doing nothing and can't be killed.  It has used 5 seconds of CPU
in a day and a half, but truss -p won't attach.  No data appears to have
been removed.  The dataset (but not the pool) is busy.

I thought this was an old problem that was fixed long ago in Solaris 10
(I had several temporary patches over the years), but it appears to be
alive and well.
How big is your dataset?

Small, 15GB.

  On what type of disks/pool?

Single iSCSI volume.

zfs destroy does indeed take time (unlike zpool destroy.)  A couple of days
might be normal expected behavior, depending on your configuration.  You
didn't specify if you have dedup...  Dedup will greatly hurt your zfs
destroy speed, too.

I've yet to find a system with enough RAM to make dedup worthwhile!

After 5 days, a grand total of 1.2GB has been removed and the process
responded to kill -9 and exited...

I just re-ran the command it it completed in 2 seconds.  Well odd.


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