Thanks for the tips, everybody!

Progress report:

OpenIndiana failed to recognise LSI 9240-8i's. I installed 4.7 drivers
from LSI website ("for Solaris 11 and up") but it started throwing
"component failed" messages. So I gave up on 9240's and re-flashed
them into 9211-8i's ("IT mode"). Solaris 11 (11.11) recognised 9211
adapters instantly and so far show perfect performance with default
drivers with dd test on raw disks both reading and writing and also on
dd writing into a zpool built of 10 x two-way mirrors. The speed is
around 1GB/s. There are still some hiccups in this sequential write
process (for 4-5 sec the speed would drop on all disks suddenly when
monitored by iostat but then pick up to the usual 140MB/s per disk).
This is so much better then Solaris 11 with 9240's going persistently
around 3-4MB/s per disk on a simple dd seq write. I am pleased with
this performance.

Now, if anyone is still reading, I have another question. The new
Solaris 11 device naming convention hides the physical tree from me. I
got just a list of long disk names all starting with "c0" (see below)
but I need to know which disk is connected to which controller so that
I can create two parts of my mirrors to two different controllers in
order to tolerate a single controller failure. I need a way of
figuring the connection path for each disk. Hope I manage to explain
what I want?

root@carbon:~# echo | format
Searching for disks...done

       0. c0t5000CCA225CEFC73d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       1. c0t5000CCA225CEFD0Bd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       2. c0t5000CCA225CEFD12d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       3. c0t5000CCA225CEFEDEd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       4. c0t5000CCA225CEFEE7d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       5. c0t5000CCA225CF016Cd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       6. c0t5000CCA225CF016Dd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       7. c0t5000CCA225CF016Ed0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       8. c0t5000CCA225CF023Cd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
       9. c0t5000CCA225CF042Cd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      10. c0t5000CCA225CF050Fd0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      11. c0t5000CCA225CF0115d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      12. c0t5000CCA225CF0119d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      13. c0t5000CCA225CF0144d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      14. c0t5000CCA225CF0156d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      15. c0t5000CCA225CF0167d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      16. c0t5000CCA225CF0419d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      17. c0t5000CCA225CF0420d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      18. c0t5000CCA225CF0517d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      19. c0t5000CCA225CF0522d0 <ATA-Hitachi HUA72303-A5C0-2.73TB>
      20. c0t5001517BB27B5896d0 <ATA-INTEL SSDSC2CW24-400i-223.57GB>
      21. c0t5001517BB27DCE0Bd0 <ATA-INTEL SSDSC2CW24-400i-223.57GB>
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