On 05/11/12 02:01 AM, Mike Gerdts wrote:
On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 5:37 AM, Ian Collins<i...@ianshome.com>  wrote:
I have an application I have been using to manage data replication for a
number of years.  Recently we started using a new machine as a staging
server (not that new, an x4540) running Solaris 11 with a single pool built
from 7x6 drive raidz.  No dedup and no reported errors.

On that box and nowhere else is see empty snapshots taking 17 or 18 seconds
to write.  Everywhere else they return in under a second.

Have you installed any SRUs?  If not, you could be seeing:

The machine was at SRU 3.

7060894 zfs recv is excruciatingly slow

which is fixed in Solaris 11 SRU 5.

Thanks Mike, that appears to be it.  Updating to SRU 6 fixed the issue.
If you are using zones and are using any https pkg(5) origins (such as
https://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support), I suggest reading
before updating to SRU 6 (SRU 5 is fine, however).  The fix for the
problem mentioned in that forums thread should show up in an upcoming
SRU via CR 7157313.

Luckily I have a local repository!


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