2012-05-11 17:18, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
On Fri, 11 May 2012, Jim Klimov wrote:

Hello all,


What conditions can cause the reset of the resilvering
process? My lost-and-found disk can't get back into the
pool because of resilvers restarting...

I recall that with sufficiently old vintage zfs, resilver would restart
if a snapshot was taken. What sort of zfs is being used here?

Maybe sufficiently old, SXCE snv_117 with "zpool upgrade"
reporting the version as "14" for this pool (as detailed
in the long version of my message).

It is also possible that auto-snaps are taken and deleted
thus interfering with the resilver, however, the recovery
is restarted after a few hours while auto-snapshots have
a 5-minute schedule over about a thousand datasets. With
the lags in place, though, I am not sure they all succeed
at that frequency ;)

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