Hi All,

I have FC LUNs from NetApp FAS 3240 mapped to two SPARC T4-2 clustered
nodes running Veritas Cluster Server software. For now, the
configuration on NetApp is as follows:

/vol/EBUSApp/EBUSApp                                              100G
    online   MBSUN04 : 0 MBSUN05 : 0
/vol/EBUSBinry/EBUSBinry                                          200G
    online   MBSUN04 : 1 MBSUN05 : 1
/vol/EBUSCtrlog/EBUSCtrlog                                       5G
     online   MBSUN04 : 2 MBSUN05 : 2
300.0G online   MBSUN04 : 3 MBSUN05 : 3
/vol/EBUSIO_FENC1/EBUSIO_FENC1                      5G          online
 MBSUN04 : 4 MBSUN05 : 4
/vol/EBUSIO_FENC2/EBUSIO_FENC2                      5G          online
 MBSUN04 : 5 MBSUN05 : 5
/vol/EBUSIO_FENC3/EBUSIO_FENC3                      5G          online
 MBSUN04 : 6 MBSUN05 : 6
/vol/EBUSRDlog/EBUSRDlog                                       5G
   online   MBSUN04 : 7 MBSUN05 : 7

I will be mapping the above volumes on hosts and creating zpool andzfs
file system. More volumes will be created in the future.

Is it certified by Symantec to use ZFS and Zpool for SnapMirror?

At the moment, Veritas Cluster Server software is installed on 2
servers at the primary site and there is no cluster software on the DR
site. NetApp FAS 3240 provides FC LUNs to the 2 clustered nodes at the
primary site and the same filer also provides different LUNs to the
server at the DR site. The two clustered nodes at primary site are
“mbsun4” and “mbsun5”. The server at DR site is “mbsun6.

To list the steps that were carried out:

On mbsun4:

We create a ZFS pool from the LUN carved out of NetApp filer:

# zpool create -f orapool c0t60A98000646E2F6F67346A79642D6570d0

We then create the file sytem.

# zfs create orapool/vol01

We bring the mount under Veritas Cluster Server control:

# zfs set mountpoint=legacy orapool/vol01

# zpool export orapool

We then execute the following commands on the other cluster node:

On mbsun5:

# zpool import orapool
# zfs create orapool/vol01
# zfs set mountpoint=legacy orapool/vol01

Once configured under Veritas Cluster Server, the ZFS mount and Zpool
will failover among clustered nodes.

At the DR site (there is no cluster software), the server is called
“mbsun6”, we execute the following commands to create a different
Zpool and ZFS file system:

# zpool create -f orapool c0t60A98000646E2F6F67346B3145653874d0
# zfs create orapool/vol01
# zfs set mountpoint=/vol01 orapool/vol01

NetApp Snapmirror will be used to replicate the volumes from the
primary to DR site and we want know if we can use Zpool and ZFS
instead of the old UFS file system.

My question is:

Is it a good idea to use Zpool for these devices and then create ZFS
file system or just use ZFS file system? Will replication through
NetApp Snapmirror work when we use Zpools and ZFS?
Is it certified by Symantec to use ZFS and Zpool for SnapMirror?
If Zpools can be used, is it a good idea to create a single ZFS zpool
and add all the devices or create multiple ZFS zpools and map each
device to the individual zpool?

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