On Fri, 18 May 2012, Jim Klimov wrote:

Would there be substantial issues if we start out making
and filling the new raidz3 8+3 pool in SXCE snv_129 (with
zpool v22) or snv_130, and later upgrade the big zpool
along with the major OS migration, that can be avoided
by a preemptive upgrade to oi_151a or later (oi_151a3?)

Perhaps, some known pool corruption issues or poor data
layouts in older ZFS software releases?..

I can't attest as to potential issues, but the newer software surely fixes many bugs and it is also likely that the data layout improves in newer software. Improved data layout would result in better performance.

It seems safest to upgrade the OS before moving a lot of data. Leave a fallback path in case the OS upgrade does not work as expected.

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