In the beginning, I created a mirror named DumpFiles on FreeBSD. Later, I
decided to move those drives to a new Solaris 11 server-- but rather than
import the old pool I'd create a new pool. And I liked the DumpFiles name,
so I stuck with it.


Now whenever I run zpool import, it shows a faulted zpool that I can't
import and can't delete:
root@backbone:/home/dpooser# zpool import
  pool: DumpFiles
    id: 16375225052759912554
 state: FAULTED
status: The pool was last accessed by another system.
action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.
        The pool may be active on another system, but can be imported using
        the '-f' flag.

        DumpFiles                    FAULTED  corrupted data
          mirror-0                   ONLINE
            c8t5000C5001B03A749d0p0  ONLINE
            c9t5000C5001B062211d0p0  ONLINE

I deleted the new DumpFiles pool; no change. The -f flag doesn't help with
the import, and I've deleted the zpool.cache and rebooted without any
luck. Any suggestions appreciated-- there is no data on those drives that
I'm worried about, but I'd like to get rid of that error.

Dave Pooser
Manager of Information Services
Alford Media

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