Unfortunately on one of our Areca RAID controllers has encountered a power failure which corrupted our zpool and partitions. We have tried to assemble some new headers but it looks like not only the headers/uberblocks but also the MOS has been damaged.

We now have moved on from trying to repair the partition to salvage the non-damaged data of it. I have read all documentation I have found thoroughly and decided to do the following; Search for meta-data of files by locating the ZAP object magic-number (0x2F52AB2AB), from there assemble the meta-data and eventually gather the data attached. For now I have one question. The zap_phys_t data structure (described in ZFS On Disk Specifications by SUN), does that 128KB structure reside INSIDE the dn_bonus of the corresponding dnode_phys_t ? I seem to misunderstand the link between the 2 structures.

Thanks in advance!


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