I tried to use cylinder 0 for root on x86, but in the UFS days, and I lost the vtoc on both mirrored disks.

The installer had selected cylinder 1 as the starting cylinder for the first disk, and I thought I should be able to use cylinder 0 as well, so for the mirror I partitioned it to start from 0. I then removed the first disk, changed the starting cylinder to 0, and added it back. When I later tried to reboot the system both vtocs were lost.

I had to whip up a program that scanned the disk to find my UFS filesystems so that I could put a proper vtoc back, boot the system and then change it back to start at cylinder 1.

I always leave cylinder 0 alone since then.


2012-06-16 18:23, Richard Elling skrev:
On Jun 15, 2012, at 7:37 AM, Hung-Sheng Tsao Ph.D. wrote:

by the way
when you format start with cylinder 1 donot use 0
There is no requirement for skipping cylinder 0 for root on Solaris, and there
never has been.
  -- richard

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