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On 07/ 5/12 09:25 PM, Carsten John wrote:

Hi Ian,

yes, I already checked that:

svcs -a | grep zfs
disabled       11:50:39 svc:/application/time-slider/plugin:zfs-send

is the only service I get listed.


How did you install?

Is the manifest there

Hi Ian,

I installed from CD/DVD, but it might have been in a rush, as I needed to 
replace a broken machine as quick as possible.

The manifest is there:

ls /lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/
.                  ..                 auto-snapshot.xml  autofs.xml         
local-fs.xml       minimal-fs.xml     rmvolmgr.xml       root-fs.xml        
ufs-quota.xml      usr-fs.xml

Running "svcadm restart manifest-import" should load it, or give you some idea why it won't load.


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