On 07/ 7/12 08:34 AM, Brian Wilson wrote:

I'd like a sanity check from people more knowledgeable than myself.
I'm managing backups on a production system.  Previously I was using
another volume manager and filesystem on Solaris, and I've just switched
to using ZFS.

My model is -
Production Server A
Test Server B
Mirrored storage arrays (HDS TruCopy if it matters)
Backup software (TSM)

Production server A sees the live volumes.
Test Server B sees the TruCopy mirrors of the live volumes.  (it sees
the second storage array, the production server sees the primary array)

Production server A shuts down zone C, and exports the zpools for zone C.
Production server A splits the mirror to secondary storage array,
leaving the mirror writable.
Production server A re-imports the pools for zone C, and boots zone C.
Test Server B imports the ZFS pool using -R /backup.
Backup software backs up the mounted mirror volumes on Test Server B.

Later in the day after the backups finish, a script exports the ZFS
pools on test server B, and re-establishes the TruCopy mirror between
the storage arrays.

That looks awfully complicated. Why don't you just clone a snapshot and back up the clone?


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