On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 7:48 AM, Casper Dik wrote:

> Dan Brown seems to think so in "Digital Fortress" but it just means he
> has no grasp on "big numbers".

Or little else, for that matter. I seem to recall one character in the book
that would routinely slide under a "mainframe" on his back as if on a
mechanics dolly, solder CPUs to the motherboard above his face, and perform
all manner of bullshit on the fly repairs that never even existed back in
the earliest days of mid-20th century computing. I don't recall anything
else of a technical nature that made a lick of sense and the story was only
further insulting by the mass of alleged super geniuses that could barely
tie their own shoelaces, etc. etc. Reading the one star reviews of this
book on Amazon is far more enlightening & entertaining than reading the
actual book. I found it so insulting that I couldn't finish the last 70
pages of the paperback.

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