I speak for myself... :-)

If the real bug is in procfs, I can file a CR.

When xattrs were designed right down the hall from me,
I don't think /proc interactions were considered, which
is why I mentioned an RFE.



On 07/15/12 15:59, Cedric Blancher wrote:
On 14 July 2012 02:33, Cindy Swearingen<cindy.swearin...@oracle.com>  wrote:
I don't think that xattrs were ever intended or designed
for /proc content.

I could file an RFE for you if you wish.

So Oracle Newspeak now calls it an RFE if you want a real bug fixed, huh? ;-)

This is a real bug in procfs. Problem is, procfs can't do name-based
access checking because the directory has no path and comes back with
EACCESS. Same problem can happen with smbfs if the files no longer
exist on the server but the client still has an open filehandle to it
and a different process tries to access it through
/proc/$pid/fd/$fdnum. The advantage of Olga's testcase is that you
don't need a tricky smbfs/samba setup to reproduce.

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