We have a running zpool with a 12 disk raidz3 vdev in it ... we gave ZFS the 
full, raw disks ... all is well.

However, we built it on two LSI 9211-8i cards and we forgot to change from IR 
firmware to IT firmware.

Is there any danger in shutting down the OS, flashing the cards to IT firmware, 
and then booting back up ?

We did not create any raid configuration - as far as we know, the LSI cards are 
just passing through the disks to ZFS ... but maybe not ?

I'd like to hear of someone else doing this successfully before we try it ...

We created the zpool with raw disks:

zpool create -m /mount/point MYPOOL raidz3 da{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11}

and diskinfo tells us that each disk is:

da1     512     3000592982016   5860533168

The physical label (the sticker) on the disk also says 5860533168 sectors ... 
so that seems to line up ...

Someone else in the world has made this change "while inflight" and can confirm 

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