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> On Thu, 19 Jul 2012, Gordon Ross wrote:
>  On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 5:38 AM, sol <a...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Other than Oracle do you think any other companies would be willing to
>>> take
>>> over support for a clustered 7410 appliance with 6 JBODs?
>>> (Some non-Oracle names which popped out of google:
>>> Joyent/Coraid/Nexenta/**Greenbytes/NAS/RackTop/**EraStor/Illumos/???)
>> I'm not sure, but I think there are people running NexentaStor on that
>> h/w.
>> If not, then on something pretty close.  NS supports clustering, etc.
> You would lose the fancy user interface and monitoring stuff that the
> Fishworks team developed for the product.  It would no longer be an
> "appliance".
> No doubt, Nexenta has developed new cool stuff for NexentaStor.
> As others have said, only Oracle is capable of supporting the system as
> the original product.  It could be re-installed to become something else.
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At former $work we used a 3rd party support company for Sun support they
had a stock of Sun parts, loads of Sun knowledge and worked as a proxy to
Sun support when needed. On more fiddly issues they just had Sun work with
us directly.

I dont know how small a contract they do or if they even offer support
outside of the UK but it could be worth a try there site is
http://www.scc.com/ .
There are probably other company's that do 3rd party sun support too

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