2012-08-03 17:18, Justin Stringfellow пишет:
While this isn't causing me any problems, I'm curious as to why this is 

$ dd if=/dev/random of=ob bs=128k count=1 && while true
ls -s ob
sleep 1
0+1 records in
0+1 records out
    1 ob

I was expecting the '1', since this is a zfs with recordsize=128k. Not sure I 
understand the '4', or why it happens ~30s later.  Can anyone distribute clue 
in my direction?

s10u10, running 144488-06 KU. zfs is v4, pool is v22.

I think for the cleanness of the experiment, you should also include
"sync" after the dd's, to actually commit your file to the pool.
What is the pool's redundancy setting?

I am not sure what "ls -s" actually accounts for file's FS-block
usage, but I wonder if it might include metadata (relevant pieces of
the block pointer tree individual to the file). Also check if the
disk usage reported by "du -k ob" varies similarly, for the fun of it?


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