You said you're new to ZFS so might consider using zpool list
and zfs list rather df -k to reconcile your disk space.

In addition, your pool type (mirrored on RAIDZ) provides a
different space perspective in zpool list that is not always
easy to understand.

See these sections:

Displaying ZFS File System Information
Resolving ZFS File System Space Reporting Issues

Let us know if this doesn't help.



On 08/03/12 16:00, Burt Hailey wrote:
I seem to be missing a large amount of disk space and am not sure how to
locate it. My pool has a total of 1.9TB of disk space. When I run df -k
I see that the pool is using ~650GB of space and has only ~120GB
available. Running zfs list shows that my pool (localpool) is using
1.67T. When I total up the amount of snapshots I see that they are using
<250GB. Unless I’m missing something it appears that there is ~750GB of
disk space that is unaccounted for. We do hourly snapshots. Two days ago
I deleted 100GB of data and did not see a corresponding increase in
snapshot sizes. I’m new to zfs and am reading the zfs admin handbook but
I wanted to post this to get some suggestions on what to look at.

Burt Hailey

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