Hi everyone,

I have a couple of questions regarding FreeBSD's ZFS support.

Firstly, I believe it currently stands at zpool v28. Is this correct? Will this be updated any time soon?

Also, looking at the Wikipedia page, the updates beyond this are:
29      Solaris Nevada b148     RAID-Z/mirror hybrid allocator.
30      Solaris Nevada b149     ZFS encryption.
31      Solaris Nevada b150     improved 'zfs list' performance.
32      Solaris Nevada b151     One MB block support
33      Solaris Nevada b163     Improved share support

I am not currently interested in encryption, but what are the advantages of the other improvements? If I were to use Solaris 11 11/11 on a small file server (running 16GB RAM and 3TB storage in 2 mirrored pairs) would I see any improvement in upgrading from v28 created under FreeBSD 9?

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