> This command runs with 16 threads and 8k blocks with a 2GB file:
>   iozone -m -t 16 -T -O -r 8k -o -s 2G

That's fair, and I realize dd is not an ideal test. I did run multiple
instances of dd as well, only getting to about 8.8k iops. The reality
is that no benchmark is ideal, which is why our main benchmarks have
been using sample sets of production data.

My main reason for this post was to find out if I am getting expected
(or usual) results compared to others. I say this because:

* Chris from DDRDrive was able to get better results with the X1 (well
over 9500 iops) on an X8DTH-6F motherboard, using a slightly different
* Some people in OmniOS IRC mentioned I should be seeing better
results in iostat.

When it comes to a zil device I know that both DDRDrive and Zeusram
are the better options that exist. I want to make sure we are getting
the most out of both of them.

I will run the iozone test tomorrow and post the results.

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