On 08/27/2012 09:02 PM, Mark Wolek wrote:
> RAIDz set, lost a disk, replaced it... lost another disk during resilver.  
> Replaced it, ran another resilver, and now it shows all disks with too many 
> errors.
> Safe to say this is getting rebuilt and restored, or is there hope to recover 
> some of the data?  I assume this is the case because rpool/filemover has 
> errors, is that fixable?

It seems you fell into the standard two-disk failure mode during
resilver. If this is really the case, it seems like your pool is lost,
because raidz works by treating each block as a single raidz stripe and
spreading it over the component devices - as a result, most of your
blocks will probably be missing some data.

You can try and retrieve as much data from the pool as possible (via
something like rsync or tar), though I'm not exactly certain how well
(or whether at all) that will work.

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