I apologize in advance for what appears to be a question asked quite often, but 
I am not sure I have ever seen an answer that explains it.  This may also be a 
bit long-winded so I apologize for that as well.

I would like to know how much unique space each individual snapshot is using.

I have a ZFS filesystem that shows:

$zfs list -o space rootpool/export/home
NAME                                  AVAIL   USED  USEDSNAP  USEDDS  
rootpool/export/home  5.81G   14.4G  8.81G            5.54G              0      

So reading this I see that I have a total of 14.4G of space used by this data 
set.  Currently 5.54 is "active" data that is available on the normal 
filesystem and 8.81G used in snapshots.  8.81G + 5.54G = 14.4G (roughly).   I 
100% agree with these numbers and the world makes sense.

This is also backed up by:

$zfs get usedbysnapshots rootpool/export/home
NAME                                 PROPERTY                    VALUE     
rootpool/export/home  usedbysnapshots     8.81G      -

Now if I wanted to see how much space any individual snapshot is currently 
using I would like to think that this would show me:

$zfs list -ro space rootpool/export/home

NAME                                                          AVAIL   USED  
rootpool/export/home                           5.81G  14.4G     8.81G   5.54G   
           0          0
rootpool/export/home@week3          -            202M         -       -         
     -          -
rootpool/export/home@week2          -            104M         -       -         
     -          -
rootpool/export/home@7daysago    -            1.37M         -       -           
   -          -
rootpool/export/home@6daysago    -            1.20M         -       -           
   -          -
rootpool/export/home@5daysago    -            1020K         -       -           
   -          -
rootpool/export/home@4daysago    -            342K         -       -            
  -          -
rootpool/export/home@3daysago    -            1.28M         -       -           
   -          -
rootpool/export/home@week1          -            0                -       -     
         -          -
rootpool/export/home@2daysago    -            0                -       -        
      -          -
rootpool/export/home@yesterday   -           360K         -       -             
 -          -
rootpool/export/home@today            -            1.26M         -       -      
        -          -

So normal logic would tell me if USEDSNAP is 8.81G and is composed of 11 
snapshots, I would add up the size of each of those snapshots and that would 
roughly equal 8.81G.  So time to break out the calculator:

202M + 104M + 1.37M + 1.20M + 1020K + 342K + 1.28M +0 +0 + 360K + 1.26M    
equals.......  ~312M!

That is nowhere near 8.81G.  I would accept it even if it was within 15%, but 
it's not even close.  That definitely not metadata or ZFS overhead or anything.

I understand that snapshots are just the delta between the time when the 
snapshot was taken and the current "active" filesystem and are truly just 
references to a block on disk rather than a "copy".  I also understand how two 
(or more) snapshots can reference the same block on a disk but yet there is 
still only that one block used.  If I delete a recent snapshot I may not save 
as much space as advertised because some may be inherited by a "parent" 
snapshot.  But that inheritance is not creating duplicate used space on disk so 
it doesn't justify the huge difference in sizes. 

But even with this logic in place there is currently 8.81G of blocks referred 
to by snapshots which are not currently on the "active" filesystem and I don't 
believe anyone can argue with that.  Can something show me how much space a 
single snapshot has reserved?

I searched through some of the archives and found this thread 
from early this month and I feel as if I have the same problem as the OP, but 
hopefully attacking it with a little more background.  I am not arguing with 
discrepancies between df/du and zfs output and I have read the Oracle 
documentation about it but haven't found what I feel like should be a simple 
answer.  I currently have a ticket open with Oracle, but I am getting answers 
to all kinds of questions except for the question I am asking so I am hoping 
someone out there might be able to help me.

I am a little concerned I am going to find out that there is no real way to 
show it and that makes for one sad SysAdmin.


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