On 08/30/2012 12:07 PM, Anonymous wrote:
> Hi. I have a spare off the shelf consumer PC and was thinking about loading
> Solaris on it for a development box since I use Studio @work and like it
> better than gcc. I was thinking maybe it isn't so smart to use ZFS since it
> has only one drive. If ZFS detects something bad it might kernel panic and
> lose the whole system right? I realize UFS /might/ be ignorant of any
> corruption but it might be more usable and go happily on it's way without
> noticing? Except then I have to size all the partitions and lose out on
> compression etc. Any suggestions thankfully received.

Simply set copies=2 and go on your merry way. Works for me and protects
you from bit rot. Even if you do decide to put a second drive in at a
later time, just remember, RAID is not a backup solution. I use deja-dup
to backup my important files daily to an off-site machine for that.

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