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> There's another lesson to be learned here.
> As mentioned by Matthew, you can tweak your reservation (or refreservation) 
> on the zvol, but you do so at your own risk, possibly putting yourself into a 
> situation where writes to the zvol might get denied.
> But the important implied meaning is the converse - If you have guest VM's in 
> the filesystem (for example, if you're sharing NFS to ESX, or if you're 
> running VirtualBox) then you might want to set the reservation (or 
> refreservation) for those filesystems modeled after the zvol  behavior.  In 
> other words, you might want to guarantee that ESX or VirtualBox can always 
> write.  It's probably a smart thing to do, in a lot of situations.

I'd say just do what you normally do.

In my case, I use sparse files or dynamic disk images anyway, so when
I use zvols I use "zfs create -s". That single switch sets reservation
and refreservation to "none",

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