On 9/18/2012 10:31 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
I'm currently thinking about rolling a variant of


with remote backup (via snapshot and send) to 2-3
other (HP N40L-based) zfs boxes for production in
our organisation. The systems themselves would
be either Dell or Supermicro (latter with ZIL/L2ARC
on SSD, plus SAS disks (pools as mirrors) all with
hardware pass-through).

The idea is to use zfs for data integrity and
backup via data snapshot (especially important
data will be also back-up'd via conventional DLT

Before I test thisi --

Is anyone using this is in production? Any caveats?
I run an all-in-one and it works fine. Supermicro x9scl-f with 32gb ECC ram. 20 is for the openindiana SAN, with an ibm m1015 passed through via vmdirect (pci passthru). 4 SAS nearline drives in 2x2 mirror config in a jbod chassis. 2 samsung 830 128gb ssds as l2arc. The main caveat is to order the VMs properly for auto-start (assuming you use that as I do.) The OI VM goes first, and I give a good 120 seconds before starting the other VMs. For auto shutdown, all VMs but OI do suspend, OI does shutdown. The big caveat: do NOT use iSCSI for the datastore, use NFS. Maybe there's a way to fix this, but I found that on start up, ESXi would time out the iSCSI datastore mount before the virtualized SAN VM was up and serving the share - bad news. NFS seems to be more resilient there. vmxnet3 vnics should work fine for OI VM, but might want to stick to e1000.
Can I actually have a year's worth of snapshots in
zfs without too much performance degradation?
Dunno about that.
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