Hi again,

thanks for all the replies to the all in one with ESXi, it was 
most illuminating. I will use this setup at my dayjob.

Now for a slight variation on a theme: N40L with ESXi with raw drive 
passthrough, with OpenIndiana/napp-it NFS or iSCSI export of underlying
devices. This particular setup is for a home VMWare lab, using
spare hardware parts I have around.

I'm trying to do something like 


(using 4x SSD in http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/node/1824 and
4x SATA in the internal drive cage) and from that thread alone
can't quite tell whether it would fit, physically.

Anyone running LSI 9211-8i in that little box without 90 degree
Mini-SAS? If you do ineed need a 90 degree Mini-SAS, do you have a 
part number for me, perchance?

Would you use the 9211-8i for all 8 SATA devices internally,
disregarding the onboard mini-SAS to SATA chipset? Or use the 4x onboard
SATA to avoid saturating the port? I might or might not
use 2 TByte SAS instead of SATA, assuming I can get those
cheaply. It's 2-3 TByte SATA disks otherwise.

In case for 4x SSD (Intel 1st or 2nd gen ~80 GByte), would you go for
2x mirror for L2ARC and 2x mirror for ZIL? Some other configuration?


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