> I'm hoping the answer is yes - I've been looking but do not see it
> ...

Well, he is telling you to run the dtrace program as root in one
window, and run the "zfs get all" command on a dataset in your pool
in another window, to trigger the dataset_stats variable to be filled.

> none can hide from dtrace!# dtrace -qn 'dsl_dataset_stats:entry
> {this->ds = (dsl_dataset_t *)arg0;printf("%s\tcompressed size =
> %d\tuncompressed size=%d\n", this->ds->ds_dir->dd_myname,
> this->ds->ds_phys->ds_compressed_bytes,
> this->ds->ds_phys->ds_uncompressed_bytes)}'openindiana-1  
> compressed size = 3667988992    uncompressed size=3759321088
> [zfs get all rpool/openindiana-1 in another shell]

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