On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 3:09 AM, Edward Ned Harvey
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> I am confused, because I would have expected a 1-to-1 mapping, if you create
> an iscsi target on some system, you would have to specify which LUN it
> connects to.  But that is not the case...

Nope. one target can have anything from zero (which is kinda useless)
or many LUNs.

> I shouldn't be thinking in such linear terms.  When I create an iscsi
> target, don't think of it as connecting to a device - instead, think of it
> as sort of a channel.  Any initiator connecting to it can see any of the
> devices that I have done add-views on.


>  But each iscsi target can only be
> used by one initiator at a time.

Nope. Many people use iscsi to provide shared storage (e.g. for
clustering), where two or more initiators connetcs to the same target.

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