2012-09-27 3:11, Richard Elling wrote:
Option 2:At present, both systems are using local mirroring ,3 mirror
pairs of 6 disks.I could break these mirrors, and export one side over
to the other system...And vice versa.So neither server will be doing
local mirroring; they will both be mirroring across iscsi to targets on
the other host.Once again, each zpool will only be imported on one host,
but in the event of a failure, you could force import it on the other
Can anybody think of a reason why Option 2 would be stupid, or can you
think of a better solution?

If they are close enough for "crossover cable" where the cable is UTP,
then they are
close enough for SAS.

Pardon my ignorance, can a system easily serve its local storage
devices over SAS to a neighbor system (i.e. using a SAS HBA in
place of an Ethernet NIC of an IB card in Ed's crossover scenario?)
Would this be doable over today's COMSTAR, using a different
storage path from the iSCSI stack most often used now?

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