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> --- How how will improving ZIL latency improve performance of my pool that
> is used as a NFS share to ESXi hosts which forces sync writes only (i.e will 
> it be
> noticeable in an end-to-end context)?

Just perform a bunch of writes, time it.
Then set sync=disabled, perform the same set of writes, time it.
Then enable sync, add a ZIL device, time it.

The third option will be somewhere in between the first two.  Ideally, with a 
dedicated ZIL device, you come very close to the performance with sync 
disabled.  (But that's not realistic.)

The only question is how to create a bunch of sync IO, which emulates your 
actual usage.  If you were running a DB, then you would hammer your DB.  Since 
you're running a NFS server, hopefully you can make a bunch of NFS clients 
hammer the server.

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